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BODYSPACE - Wellness Studio & Spa - Relax, Recharge, Recover

About us

The recovery studio that feels like home



Body Space Recovery Studio is a family-owned and operated wellness and recovery space you can visit to obtain total body rejuvenation. Regardless of your wellness goals we provide visitors access to state-of-the-art wellness therapies in Perth.  Destress, detox, reduce pain, speed up recovery., there is something for everyone at Body Space.

Located in Aubin Grove, Cockburn, Perth we provide you with a supportive space to achieve your wellness goals.

What we do

We provide world-class wellness machines in a supportive and relaxing space from our home studio.

We welcome you into our holistic space where you can receive a plenitude of benefits to optimise your wellbeing.

Why we do it

The founder of Bodyspace Recovery Studio achieved impressive personal results after using all three wellness machines : Cocoon Infrared Sauna Pod, the Body Roller Massage Machine and NormaTec Recovery Boots. Overjoyed with her experience and the health benefits obtained, she became passionate about sharing her insight with others. She realised that she had found powerful wellness therapies that people needed to hear about and use for their own personal healing and recovery. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that the service you providing is making a positive contribution in someone’s life.

There are people who suffer in silence, living in a constant state of stress from one day to the next. Guests who come to the Body Space often have tension you can see and feel visually when they walk through the door. Seeing the energetic transformation as their session ends is a beautiful thing indeed.

And for those serious about getting results and getting them quickly won’t be disappointed. This is the present technology we have to optimise health and wellbeing. Embrace its powerful healing  and feel the difference that is Body Space.

Client feedback


Thank you to my clients for your wonderful testimonials and feedback

  • positive review  A beautiful, relaxing experience, and much-needed time out. My favourite was the pod - like lying on a sunny beach! Chelsea is gorgeous and welcoming too.

    Susy Hanlon Avatar Susy Hanlon
  • positive review  Had an amazing experience at Bodyspace. Absolutely loved the pod. Thank you Bella and Chelsea!

    Jasmin Burgess Avatar Jasmin Burgess
  • positive review  My Appreciation goes to Dr.bello for all he has done for me, My husband is back with so much love,care,honesty, respect and he promised to love me and our kids forever. I had vowed that I’ll share to everyone out there who may be challenged physically, Emotionally, Mentally, spiritually or financially to contact Dr bello On email today or Call/WhatsApp: +19179796387 or facebook page: 👇👇

    Detox Gel Avatar Detox Gel
  • positive review  Had my first treatment yesterday. I did all 3. WOW!!! Absolutely loved it. Beautiful space and so relaxing. I had the best nights sleep I've had in ages. Chelsea is so welcoming and friendly definitely re booking. Highly recommend. Do yourselves a favour make time for yourself and book a session..

    Emma ODonnell Avatar Emma ODonnell
  • positive review  Absolutely loved the treatments at Body Space Recovery & would highly recommend all three treatments. From beginning to end it was a warm, welcoming & fantastic experience. Felt like I was walking on air when I left. Great value for money. This would make an amazing gift for anyone. To add to it I lost over 500 calories in 1 & 1/2 hours of doing very little but relaxing. What’s not to love 💕

    Thistle Dhu Avatar Thistle Dhu
  • positive review  I absolutely love my visits to Body Space, it’s such a warm & relaxing space and the girls are lovely! The Pod is so amazing, just what is needed after long days on your feet. We all need a little more “me” time. Thanks girls for creating such a great space ❤️

    Alison Morisey Avatar Alison Morisey
  • positive review  I've loved everything about my visits to BodySpace. The experience makes you really feel like your treating yourself but doing something good for your body at the same time, each time I've left feeling recharged and relaxed. I can't decide what i love more, the pod or the normitech boots!! Chelsea and Bella are so very welcoming. I'm really looking forward to my next visit!! highly recommend!!!

    Jess Vieceli Avatar Jess Vieceli
  • positive review  Heading to Body Space Recovery Studio straight after doing a 37km Walk for Women’s Cancer was the best decision 🙌🏽💕 45 mins with the Normatec & in the Pod was EXACTLY what my legs & feet needed! Resulted in a good nights rest & out the door today for soccer ⚽️ This wasn’t my 1st visit but definitely one of my absolute favourite visits 💕 Thank you Chelsea, your studio is amazing 🥰💗

    Nina Cortes Avatar Nina Cortes
  • positive review  I was the lucky Winner of the giveaway and WOW 🤩 what an amazing experience!! The rollers felt amazing after a week of gym and knowing all the benefits to my body it was a great feeling! 😍 then to top it off with the pod! I burnt close to 400 calories in 30 min! Absolutely mind blowing! The atmosphere Chelsea has created in her home studio and her attention to detail with water and coconut water for hydration is amazing! from the moment you step in. I will definitely be going back! Thank you 🙏 💕

    Kimberly Ferguson Avatar Kimberly Ferguson
  • positive review  Had a excellent 3 treatment experience.. Highly recommend the rollers, normitec boots and pod. Felt so amazing and will definitely be returning. Thank you Chelsea and Bella

    Sharon Wham Avatar Sharon Wham