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BODYSPACE - Wellness Studio & Spa - Relax, Recharge, Recover

Infrared Wellness Sauna Pod

What is the

Cocoon Wellness Pod?

Prepare for a trip to bliss and total body recovery inside our infrared cocoon sauna pod. Resembling a rocket ship with its space-age design, this advanced piece of wellness technology takes you on a journey to complete body relaxation and rejuvenation.

A wellness pod session grants you access to many health benefits, from detoxification, muscular recovery, body sculpting and toning, and stress reduction.

By promoting a purifying and enjoyable sweat, infrared technology warms the body on a cellular level, improving blood circulation and helping the body remove harmful toxins trapped within the body’s cells. Clarifying the skin and pores, enhancing immunity and easing muscular aches and pains after a strenuous workout, the infrared sauna pod is the “me” time you deserve.

Benefits of the Infrared Cocoon Wellness Pod

  • Weight management – burn 300-600 calories per session
  • Lose Inches with the Shrinking Violet Treatment
  • Detoxification – including reduced water retention and bloating
  • Skin cleansing
  • Boost growth hormone levels
  • Boost immune system
  • Pain management – also relieves general aches and pains
  • Can aid in accelerating healing processes
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Promote cellular growth
  • Relaxation and Stress Reduction
Wellness Body Pod - Infrared Sauna Pod: Relax, Recharge & Recover
What are the features of the

Infrared Sauna Pod?

Once you arrive at BodySpace, check-in at the front desk. If it is your first session, you will be required to complete to the waiver form.

The infrared sauna pod is a state-of-the-art wellness machine that is comprised of several therapies in one. As one will see from its obvious “cocoon” design, this particular technology is a one-person wellness pod. Inside the pod, guests obtain access to:



Infrared light is invisible. Rather than see it, we feel it as a dry heat. Get that therapeutic and satisfying sweat you desire without feeling overheated or uncomfortable. As this is a personalised wellness session, the heat of the pod is set according to your needs and comfort. Exposure to dry heat increases the heart rate, speeding up blood circulation throughout the body. This increase in heart rate also means that the metabolism gets a boost, so your body will, in turn, burn calories instead of storing them as fat. The sweat induced by dry heat exposure opens pores to release toxins and accept treatments. And lastly, dry heat induces absolute relaxation, which we all need today. Learn more about Hyperthermic Conditioning.



Red light, unlike infrared, is light that can be seen. The difference between infrared light and red light, besides the visibility, is that infrared light (heat) can go deeper than skin level to work its magic. In contrast, red light therapy works exceptionally well on the skin’s surface. Red light therapy is powerful in helping users achieve optimal skin health through its ability to detoxify, rejuvenate, and increase collagen production. Red light therapy within the pod may help repair sun damage and reduce signs of scarring, alongside minimising the appearance of stretch marks. 


Another built-in feature of the cocoon body pod is a vibratory massage. Before commencing your session, the staff at BodySpace will assist you in personalising your wellness session based on your goals. You can target specific muscle groups for recovery and pain relief, setting the massage intensity to your preference. This, in turn, can relieve muscular aches and pains, help detoxify the body and deliver you to a state of total relaxation and restoration.


As the cocoon spa works with dry heat, once inhaled, these salt particles are claimed to absorb irritants and toxins from the respiratory system. Salt air therapy or “halotherapy” contributes to the cocoon pod’s other benefits by breaking up mucous and clearing the airways.


Aromatherapy is also included as a built-in feature to enhance the therapeutic benefits of the pod. Breathe in wellness as therapeutic essential oils are diffused throughout the single-person pod.

What to expect from your

Infrared Sauna Session

Once you arrive at BodySpace, check-in at the front desk. If it is your first session, you will be required to complete to the waiver form.


We recommend you are well hydrated before arriving.  Complimentary bottled water is also available in every private room at Bodyspace.


After checking in, you’ll be shown to your relaxing, private room.  You’ll also be provided with a fresh towel for your session.

Remove your clothes to your level of comfort. Since the Pod will heat your body from the inside out, you’ll sweat.  But don’t worry, it’s such a dry heat that most of it evaporates straight away.  It’s recommended to show as much skin as possible though – just your underwear, some bathers, or even completely nude is fine.  Whatever you’re comfortable with.

You lie down in the Pod face up. Your head will be exposed for the duration of the session allowing you to breathe fresh air, and keep your face nice and cool.

The length of your sauna session will be tailored to you.  Bodyspace offers 45 and 30-minute sessions.  When the session is complete, the unit will turn off automatically.


At the end of the session, re-acclimate yourself for a moment before standing.  Leave the Pod, towel off, and place your towel in the basket.  Get dressed and leave the room.

Remember to hydrate! Drink water immediately following your session and for the remainder of the day.  You’ve lost a lot of water through sweat, so you’ll need to replace it.

BODYSPACE - Wellness Studio & Spa - Relax, Recharge, Recover

Cocoon Wellness Pod

Book an Infrared Sauna Session

The wellness pod takes you on a journey of total body wellness. Though you can experience relief from one session, this is not a one–time quick fix.  Just as it took time to become tired, worn, and in need of restoration, so must you allow wellness to assimilate to the mind and body. Making the most of the wellness pod will be transformative.

Wellness Pod

30 minutes

(allow 45min for before and after)

Saving of $25

Saving of $100

Wellness Pod

45 minutes

(allow 60min for before and after)

Saving of $25

Saving of $100


The Cocoon combines both dry heat and a combination of light therapy and infrared heat with vibratory massage, aromatherapy, and salt air for the ultimate body transformation and relaxation experience.


A session in the Cocoon Wellness Pro Pod has countless benefits, from weight loss and pain relief, to stress reduction and relaxation.


Many of the benefits come from the infrared heat, which delivers a dry heat treatment that feels like a dry sauna. The Pod also delivers a full-body vibration massage.