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Hyperthermic Conditioning and Weight Loss Benefits

Hyperthermic Conditioning Pod

Hyperthermic Conditioning and Weight Loss Benefits

For many of you, keeping your body fit and free from jiggly, wiggly body parts can be a struggle. We all lead unique lives, with different responsibilities and energy levels. Usually, the closer you are to your goals, the fitter you are and the less likely weight loss is an issue. But when it comes to the appearance of stubborn cellulite or finding the energy to put in the physical exertion required at the gym, it’s nice to know that there may be an optimal way to support your weight loss goals. What is exciting about scientific research is that it constantly updates us with clinical findings regarding health and wellness. A study indicates that weight loss benefits may be achieved by using infrared saunas. There are many benefits of infrared technology, but weight loss is one you are sure to love. How? The delivery of weight loss benefits is through hyperthermic conditioning.


What is hyperthermic conditioning?

When an individual regularly subjects themselves to high temperatures, like that received through an infrared sauna, the body reacts to the stress of the heat exposure and adapts accordingly. Our bodies are very sophisticated as they work to keep us in a state of homeostasis. Homeostasis is when everything is in balance. So, when an individual is exposed to heat that they are not accustomed to, naturally, the body reacts so that the internal systems can return to homeostasis.

How the body regulates our internal heat

To do this, it engages in a regulatory activity called hormesis. When you work hard at the gym, you have hormesis to thank for regulating your internal heat. It is through the act of sweating that your body can get back to a state of homeostasis. This is not bad for the body—quite the contrary. Putting our body through hormesis helps improve fitness and helps us build a physiological tolerance to heat stress. Thus, hyperthermic conditioning is the thermoregulation that occurs when our bodies undergo heat stress. The key here is regularly exposing your body to these increased temperatures to benefit from its science. By increasing the body’s core temperature and sweating, these adaptations can take place.

But how does hyperthermic conditioning affect weight loss?

Dr Rhonda Patrick, an expert in performance enhancement, has shown that hyperthermic conditioning results in increased muscle mass and endurance. This increased capacity to build muscle improves insulin sensitivity, boosts growth hormone levels and has also been shown to induce the production of heat shock proteins. An increase in muscle mass, in turn, increases the metabolism. An increase in the metabolism means that you are burning fat at a faster rate which is desirable for weight loss. Also, the thermoregulation that occurs through an infrared sauna has your body expending energy to acclimate. This means it is burning calories to keep you cool and regulated.

Other benefits of hyperthermic conditioning include:

  • Enhanced brain function:
    • Through an increase in neurogenesis, learning and memory retention are improved.
    • Individuals often experience the same kind of endorphin rush after using a sauna as those who have had a good workout at the gym.
  • Enhanced heart health:
    • Hyperthermic conditioning reduces heart rate and reduces glycogen store depletion.
    • Plasma volume and blood flow to the heart are increased.
  • Muscle Building
    • Hyperthermic conditioning has been shown to decrease protein degradation, which in turn increases muscle hypertrophy
    • Muscle hypertrophy increases the release of growth hormone, increasing protein synthes
Cocoon Body Pod - BODYSPACE - Wellness Studio & Spa - Relax, Recharge, Recover

Weight loss Benefits of the Cocoon Fitness Pod

The wellness cocoon body pod we have on-site here at BodySpace Recovery Studio, Perth, is a private infrared sauna and vibratory massager equipped to deliver results in the way of weight loss through hyperthermic conditioning. Also referred to as a Cocoon Fitness Pod, the reason for this is that in the Cocoon pod, you receive a lot more than your average infrared sauna. A 30- to 60-minute session provides a total body optimisation combining infrared dry heat, red light therapy, vibratory massage, salt air therapy, and aromatherapy. Dependent on the settings, you can derive a multiplicity of benefits. Some of our clients come in one day for a stress reduction session, opting to keep the temperatures lower. Then a few days later, they crank it up to derive the weight loss benefits. The relaxation and wellness program has been said to burn up to 300 calories in a session. The hyperthermic program has been said to burn up to 600 calories.

Sweating it out in the body pod gives you a powerful detox

One significant aspect of using the body pod is that your head sits outside the pod, so you don’t feel claustrophobic. With the combination of the vibratory massage alongside exposure to full spectrum infrared dry heat, the body is heated within the core, blood circulation increases, and toxins ultimately get massaged out of the body and released through sweating. This lymphatic drainage has been shown to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Come summertime, your self-esteem will appreciate a reduction of cellulite.


If you are in the Cockburn, Perth area and feel like giving the wellness pod a try, book in with us at BodySpace Recovery Studio. We also feature the Normatec Recovery Boots for the ultimate in compression therapy alongside the BodyRoller, which helps ease muscular aches and pains and delivers a satisfying deep tissue massage. We even have special deals if you would like to try all 3 of our wellness technologies!