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Normatec Compression Therapy – FAQ’s

Leg compression therapy

Normatec Compression Therapy – FAQ’s

At BodySpace Recovery Studio in Perth, we have a special relationship with the NormaTec Recovery System and its patented compression technology. Not only has it provided astounding results on a personal level for us, but daily, the benefits of NormaTec leg compression get validated by the results obtained by our clients.



Heading to Body Space Recovery Studio straight after doing a 37km Walk for Women’s Cancer was the best decision 🙌🏽💕 45 mins with the Normatec & in the Pod was EXACTLY what my legs & feet needed! Resulted in a good nights rest & out the door today for soccer ⚽️ This wasn’t my 1st visit but definitely one of my absolute favourite visits 💕 Thank you Chelsea, your studio is amazing 🥰💗 – Nina Cortes

We realise, however, that with anything new, you may have some uncertainties or pressing questions about the technology and its uses. Or maybe you need to clarify what happens during a NormaTec Recovery session here at Body Space Recovery Studio.

Please review the information below for all the top questions and answers about the NormaTec Recovery Boots we offer at our wellness studio. Feel free to call or message us if you wish to speak to us in person.


What is NormaTec?

The NormaTec Recovery brand is a leader in the compression therapy market. Before reaching the success and notoriety they are known for today, they were a medical device company that treated a condition called lymphedema, which is “chronic swelling”. Today athletes and people from all walks of life can stand to gain from the powerful technology that is Normatec. It helps tremendously with muscular and tissue recovery and lymphatic drainage and enhances the circulatory system to improve patients’ overall health and wellbeing worldwide. At Bodyspace Recovery Studio, we offer this highly effective compression and recovery system to perth-based residents and visitors.

What is NormaTec Compression Therapy?

NormaTec is a patented technology that uses air compression to massage your body, increase circulation, mobilise fluid and speed up recovery. NormaTec recovery pants feature a patented recovery system called the NormaTec Pulse Massage Pattern.

What are the benefits of using NormaTec Compression Boots?

Review the health and wellness benefits one can derive from NormaTec compression therapy.
• Improved Blood Circulation
• Increased Detoxification
• Removal of Waste Products such as lactic acid
• Increased Lymphatic Drainage
• Improvement in the management of lymphedema
• Reduction in swelling and inflammation
• Reduction in muscular aches and pains
• Improve range of movement and flexibility
• Improved athletic performance
• Decreased recovery time so your body can train harder and receive rapid results

Who invented NormaTec Compression Massage Boots?

Founded by a physician bioengineer Laura F. Jacobs, MD, PhD, NormaTec’s innovative technology was patented and named the Sequential Pulse Pneumatic Waveform. This compression pattern is unique because it is similar to the normal physiology of the human body.

What is the “Sequential Pulse Pneumatic Waveform?” exactly?

Yes, it’s a mouthful to pronounce. It sounds very “scientific”, but essentially, it provides clients with a compression pattern consisting of pulsing, Gradient and distal release, very similar to our normal physiology.


Pulsing is the type of compression that is engaged instead of using static compression (squeezing)


Our veins and lymphatic vessels are one-way valves set up to prevent backflow. The use of Gradient means that hold pressures prevent fluids from getting forced in the wrong direction. Combining the pulsing with hold pressures maximises the therapeutic benefits received within every compression zone.

Distal Release

Extended static compression can be both painful and harmful to the body and its natural blood circulation. The distal release ensures that the hold pressures are released as soon as they are no longer needed. This prevents backflow and discomfort and maximises recovery within every compression zone.

Why was this type of compression technology created?

NormaTec Leg Compression therapy was initially created to help medical patients suffering from severe circulatory conditions. It has also been one of the most effective tools for athletes requiring rapid recovery.

How long has NormaTec been in business?

The NormaTec brand was created in 1998, so though the technology may seem new to you, it has been helping many people with recovery for over 14 years.

In 2020, Hyperice – the performance technology company, acquired NormaTec. More about this acquisition: The maker of a popular leg recovery gadget used by Le Bron James was just acquired.


What should I wear for my NormaTec Sessions?

We suggest that you wear compression tights, shorts, or leggings. Wearing the appropriate clothing allows your legs to slide more accessible into the boot. Often clients do the infrared wellness sauna pod or body roller massage first and feel too hot to wear leggings directly after. Though we try to help clients acclimatise comfortably after pod and roller sessions with fans and air conditioning, some clients opt to wear underwear for the NormaTec session. This option is entirely up to the client, and we have no qualms with this choice.

What happens when I come in for my first session?

1) Chelsea will welcome you into Wellness studio 1, featuring our NormaTec Boots. There are 2 x King Single Reclining Lounges in this studio.
2) You will be taken to one of these lounges and asked to be seated. Chelsea will show you how to recline and adjust the lounge to your comfort.
3) With the chair reclined and your feet up, she will help you get your legs into the Compression Boots, ensuring that they are placed on there just right and that you are comfortable wearing them.
4) There are seven levels of compression available. Most people introduced to the NormaTec pants will be comfortable with a setting of 5 or 6. Chelsea helps you determine the best compression setting for your needs and does this all for you, explaining as she goes.
5) 5 sequences start at the toes and move up the leg once the boots begin their program. Chelsea will stick around to ensure that the settings are optimal for you and is willing to sit in the other lounge and make the NormaTec recovery with you if you need her for support during this first session.
6) You will also be given a relaxing herbal beverage during your session.

Do you have group bookings?

Yes, we do offer group bookings! Book in with a friend and receive a special discounted rate.

How do you maintain your compression boots?

We ensure that the NormaTec compression boots we have in-house are cleaned between clients. They are wiped down with a damp, clean cloth and then dried with a fresh cloth.

Do they make you sweat?

The NormaTec compression boots get you warm, and some clients may feel a little sweaty in them if they have just come out of an infrared session. Another instance where they may make you sweat is if you have booked a session straight after a workout. They are not designed to make you sweat, but they will feel a little warm. This is usually quite comforting and relaxing to clients.

Can I use them after the Infrared Sauna Pod?

We have many clients that first do a session in the infrared sauna pod and follow it up with a NormaTec Session. So long as you are in good health and keep yourself hydrated, you can gain great wellness benefits here at BodySpace Recovery Studio. Please let us know, though, if you are pregnant, suffer from any medical condition or if you have been advised not to partake in specific wellness treatments. We care about your well-being and safety whilst using our therapies.

When should I use the NormaTec Recovery Boots?

The NormaTec Recovery boots are an excellent addition to your regular training regime. For optimal results, mainly if you are an athlete or physically active 4-5 times a week, you should come in to gain NormaTec sports and recovery benefits. Before (pre-workout) to warm up the muscles, increase range of motion and minimise injury. Most people coming in for a pre-workout session will have the intensity level set to “moderate” and use the NormaTec boots for approximately 20 minutes.
Using the NormaTec boots after an intense workout has significantly sped up your recovery process. This allows you to train harder and reap the rewards!

Do celebrities endorse NormaTec?

Most definitely. In Australia alone, NormaTec is used regularly by numerous professional athletes involved in the Triathalon and Ironman. The NHL, NRL, NFL and MBA teams have used NormaTec Recovery regularly.