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NormaTec Benefits for Sports & Fitness Recovery

Fitness Benefit of Using NormaTec

NormaTec Benefits for Sports & Fitness Recovery

NormaTec Recovery Boots offer multiple benefits to sports and fitness enthusiasts. Before a game or pre-workout, athletes and those who take their physical fitness seriously will see the use of NormaTec compression boots as a highly effective way to:

  • Warm up the joints
  • Increase range of motion and flexibility
  • Increase blood circulation to the muscles

These sports and fitness benefits contribute to an outcome some call “getting that competitive edge”.

Loving sport and fitness, it is natural that you would want nothing holding you back from playing or obtaining optimal gains in the gym. NormaTec makes your body feel good, and the patented pulsing and massage technology makes it less likely that you will experience injury whilst active.

The NormaTec Recovery System has dominated the industry since 1998, when the NormaTec Compression Technology was released.

NormaTec Sports and Fitness Benefits

Improve Blood Circulation

The improved blood circulation from a NormaTec compression session grants you enhanced athletic performance and faster muscle recovery after sports and fitness activities. Post-workout, NormaTec reduces swelling and inflammation and prevents delayed-onset muscle soreness.

Muscle Pain

Motivated to reach your fitness goals, you don’t want muscular aches and pains to prevent you from hitting the gym or participating in your favourite sport. Any time you are experiencing muscle pain, schedule a BodySpace NormaTec session and feel the relief of a compression massage. Compression therapy is a practical, relaxing, and inexpensive treatment option so that you can get back to living life pain-free.

Sports Physical Therapy

Elite athletes use compression therapy cause they know it is an effective way to keep them on top of their game. It is no secret that NormaTec’s patented technology is physical therapy for the active sports enthusiast. Not only does it help prevent injury,  but regular use increases the pace of recovery post-workout so that you stand to keep up the “gains” and muscular toning with no delay.

Unsightly Veins

Are you facing issues with spider veins or varicose veins? NormaTec Compression boots are a viable treatment for minimising the visibility and pain associated with both spider and varicose veins. Suppose you stand around a lot while on the job; this perpetuates the incidence of unsightly veins forming. NormaTec compression boots can assist in preventing the development of these noticeable veins, keeping you looking and feeling confident and sexy.

How does the NormaTec Recovery system work?


Pulsing Compression

NormaTec compression therapy uses a patented pulse technology, whereby limbs get squeezed in timed intervals. This therapy eradicates the lactic acid from your limbs quite effectively throughout a session, helping the body detox and reduce inflammation. It feels great, especially after a long day on your feet or after a run.

NormaTec’s pneumatic pressure system works on your muscles like no other device. Starting at the bottom of the leg and gradually moving higher before releasing the pressure, the overlap design ensures that no part of your limb misses out on the massage benefits.

Normatec has designed the devices never to squeeze too hard to become uncomfortable. When you visit BodySpace, Chelsea will ensure you get the desired compression level.

Additional Benefits of NormaTec Recovery for Sports and Fitness

Enhanced blood flow and dynamic compressions are sports benefits of NormaTec. If you have more questions about NormaTec Recovery, visit our NormaTec Compression Therapy FAQ, where we go into more detail about the technology alongside what you can come to expect when you Book a Recovery session.