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5 reasons people don’t get regular massages.

reasons people don't get massages

5 reasons people don’t get regular massages.

Does getting a weekly massage sound super indulgent, time-consuming or unnecessary? Think again.

Look, we get it. For many of you, it is in your belief system that getting a regular massage may be a little indulgent. Perhaps you think getting a well-deserved massage must wait until you are on your Fijian holidays or a “luxury” reserved for a special occasion.

At the very least, a massage for muscular recovery or when you suffer from aches and pains should be allowable. Should it not?

And alongside the reasons people don’t get regular massages, there are also many reasons people do.

Are any of these reasons for not having a massage familiar?


Let’s be honest. You do have time. You just haven’t allowed yourself that time. I know it seems impossible in the sphere of work-life balance, but getting a regular massage for stress reduction and overall well-being can be made a priority by you. It might help you to consider what granting yourself a little “me” time could improve where it pertains to your time. It should come as no surprise that activities such as Meditation, Mindfulness and Massage Therapy all help people become revitalised. And with revitalisation, our productivity, creativity and well-being all improve.

Research shows that taking purposeful breaks away from study or work (approx. 5-60 mins) refreshes your brain and body, increasing your natural energy and boosting productivity. Work smarter, not harder. Get yourself in for a midweek massage – and we’ll see how the rest of your week goes!

A massage creates a space of peace and serenity that, similar to meditation, is vital for innovative thought and troubleshooting. Allow yourself time to decompress. Demand it. Even if it’s just once a week, allow yourself one hour to recharge.

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Like the excuse of not having enough time, people who are high-strung and under constant stress would benefit most from getting a regular massage.

The inability to relax has a lot to do with a lot.

If you are the type of person who finds it incredibly difficult to relax, your inability to settle into a massage may stem from a host of beliefs you have about yourself.

You may not like the idea of someone massaging you directly. You may also feel uncomfortable or vulnerable wearing a towel, exposing your body, or positioning yourself on a massage table. The cushion for your head, well, it isn’t for everyone.

There are many circumstances one might feel uncomfortable. But what you really ought to do, is leave your worries at the door. Calm the mind. Skip the coffee. Set your status to away. Aim to gain something from your massage. Whatever kind of massage therapy you opt for.

Our Cocoon Wellness Pods make it very easy for anyone to relax. You can enjoy a customisable vibratory massage and infrared sauna all in one and privately at our home studio. Just slide into the pod, lay back and let the relaxation take place naturally.  There is no claustrophobic feeling of being in a hot uncomfortable space as our wellness pods are a “head-out” wellness therapy. Our clients get a gentle Himalayan salt mist upon their face and the rest of their body is warmed and massaged into a state of bliss.


When something is referred to as a luxury by one person, it can often be considered a necessity for others. Plenty of ladies go get their nails done. They consider it a necessity to look well-presented for work. It’s kind of like an investment. It also makes them feel good to have something special done for themselves on a regular basis. Much like a massage, there is a purpose outside of the ideology of luxury and pampering.

A massage is a wonderful way to respect yourself in the process called life. It helps us recuperate from all that we do and all that life puts us through.

You lean on your body to accomplish everything in your life. And its ok to consider having a massage as a necessity for your wellbeing.


Issues with spending money on yourself has a lot to do with your understanding of deservedness. We spend money on our partners, our children and other family members. We forget that we deserve a little pampering too.

Regular Massage therapy should be considered maintenance for your mental state and physical body. Value yourself and body you find yourself in, and if money is an issue, there are always ways to save elsewhere so that you have that one special treat for yourself each week.

love yourself you deserve it


The problem is there are so many people who are not happy with their bodies. Very personal reasons often have nothing to do with weight. They may be embarrassed or feel vulnerable. They may have cultural beliefs or religious beliefs about their body and about receiving a massage.

If you are shy and would like to experience massage therapy privately without anyone seeing your body – turns out there is something for you here at BodySpace Recovery Studio.

Our Cocoon Wellness Pod is a massage machine and Infrared sauna that is 100% private for your enjoyment. Our Body Roller is another massage machine you can use as a private session, where you control the speed and intensity of the massage. Come visit us in our Cockburn, Perth home studio for an out-of-this-world massage.