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Learn how to handle stress this festive season with effective “Self Care Techniques”

Effective Self Care Techniques, Tips and Strategies

Learn how to handle stress this festive season with effective “Self Care Techniques”

Refill your wellness cup this festive season by prioritising “Self-Care”.

There is nothing quite like the reality check of Christmas and the Festive Season upon us again. It’s enough to light a fire under anyone’s backside. Particularly if you are overworked, ill-prepared and unable to cope with all the demands required of you. Wouldn’t it be nice if all those responsibilities on your plate could be handled harmoniously and efficiently?

Well, it is possible to address everything and then some by implementing some well-needed self-care techniques. If you consider and implement some of the following tips, you may end up being outright “jolly” this festive season.

What do you mean by “wellness cup”?

You’ve undoubtedly heard the saying that you cannot pour from an empty cup. This is essentially the same metaphor. Your self-care, your wellness cup, needs something in it, to look after other people, tend to all your responsibilities, maintain health and well-being and live joyously. What is best is if you can get your wellness cup full to the brim. When it is in this state, there is nothing you can’t handle, and it’s almost as if, with each pour, it refills immediately. (Like Magic!)

Unfortunately, we often minimise the importance of optimising our well-being, trading being “present” for stressing about future events and having enough time and resources. We don’t realise that by doing this, we start to lose our valuable “wellness potion” rapidly, emptying that wellness cup entirely. This slows us down, reducing productivity, creativity, patience and joy. Easier said than done? It’s easier than you think, so long as you prioritise your wellness with self-care strategies.

It’s time to implement effective Self-Care Techniques and Strategies into your life.

There are seven pillars for Self-Care that you should keep in mind when considering that empty wellness cup. All of these will factor into where you stand currently, and you must not settle for just one or two. We aim to gift you the keys to self-care and personal transformation this festive season. Make this commitment to yourself to implement at least three daily strategies from each of the seven pillars. Regardless of your life commitments, prioritise wellness and see where it takes you moving forward into the New Year. Hopefully, this may shift your priorities for the long term. Fingers crossed!


Self-Care Strategies for your Mental Health


How is your mental state? Are you in a constant state of stress from one moment to the next? Are you lying awake at night, unable to shut down? How is your self-talk? Do you speak to yourself nicely in your head or out loud, or are you constantly beating yourself up? Does that voice inside your head remind you of how your parents spoke to you growing up? Often this is the case. Parents do their best with the resources they have, but often they, too, have ancestral patterns of self-talk, which aren’t particularly healthy or helpful. Do you have the ability to clear your head with ease and sit in stillness?

How can I achieve Mental Wellness?

  • Take a walk in nature.
  • Walk the dog
  • Meditate
  • Positive Affirmations
  • Write in a journal
  • Unplug from all devices
  • Leave your worries and head to BodySpace Recovery Studio for a bit of R&R – Our Cocoon Wellness Pod will send you home fully transformed and relaxed Mentally and Physically.


Self-Care Techniques for your Emotional Health


Are your emotional needs being met? Are you taking time for yourself and doing activities that bring out the best in you? How are you bringing joy into your life? All work and no play can drain your wellness cup. Toxic relationships, overbearing employers, and not being honest with yourself and others about issues as they arise. These all can cause emotional health damage.

How can I achieve Emotional Wellness?

  • Listen to Music
  • Gardening
  • Connect with your pets and children
  • Watch your favourite TV Show
  • Get emotional support from a friend or family member
  • Set healthy boundaries at work and in relationships
  • Do something that you love
  • Buy yourself a new outfit
  • Treat yourself to a bubble bath
  • Get your hair or nails done by a professional
  • BodySpace Recovery Studio is the perfect place to obtain Emotional Wellness. Massage Therapy is a great place to start. 


Self-Care Tips for your Physical Health


Are you taking care of your physical body and its needs for nutrition and exercise? What about health conditions and concerns? What are you doing to support your physical body on a day-to-day basis?

How can I achieve Physical Wellness?

  • Get Physical – Gym, Sports, Dance, Swim
  • Follow up with your doctor regarding any health concerns you may have.
  • Eat a Clean, Healthy Diet
  • Drink Enough Water
  • Nutritional Supplement Support
  • Muscular and Sports Recovery
  • Detoxification
  • Get Adequate Sleep
  • Listen to your body and its needs
  • BodySpace Recovery Studio features innovative infrared massage therapies to reduce aches, pains, stress, and inflammation while optimising physical wellness. Book in for a highly therapeutic rolling session with the Body Roller Massage Machine! 

Self-Care Techniques for Optimising your Environmental Health


Now it’s time to consider the space in which you live, work and commute. Is it full of clutter and disarray? Are you surrounded by things you love and appreciate? Are the spaces and places you live in fulfilling your needs for comfort, aesthetics and organisation? Perhaps you have been trapped inside for too long and need a change of scene. What kind of environment do you need to be in, for wellness to be maintained?

How can I achieve Environmental Wellness?

  • Declutter – Even just a little goes a long way.
  • Brighten up your home with flowers or a decorative item
  • Candles and Aromatherapy
  • Open the windows and let the fresh air inside
  • Get out in the sun for a change of scene and some Vitamin D
  • Rearrange your furniture for a fresh new perspective
  • Check out a new restaurant or park
  • Repaint the interior of your home
  • Upgrade your storage system
  • Hop in the car and drive to our Perth Wellness Studio for a change of scenery and a little Me-Time.

Self-Care Strategies for Spiritual Health


Your Spiritual pillar is how you connect to your true self. It’s all about personal development, being mindful and engaging in activities that ground you or bring enlightenment. Are there practices you have to connect you to the oneness of all that is? It does not have to be a religious practice. It could merely be sitting quietly in nature.

How can I achieve Spiritual Wellness?

  • Write for the love of it
  • Dance for the love of it
  • Sing for the love of it
  • Gratitude
  • Journaling
  • Meditation, Prayer, or Sitting with Stillness
  • Read or Watch something enlightening
  • Help someone less fortunate
  • Speak to others with love and compassion
  • Close your eyes, achieve stillness and enjoy the ultimate relaxation at BodySpace, where your true self will be basking in the latest and greatest wellness therapies.

Self-Care Suggestions for Recreational Health


Are you lacking fun in your life?  This is why so many people feel overwhelmed, depressed and downright irritable. You have to plan activities you can look forward to in taking care of yourself. Even if it is just a plan to finish work early for a much-needed rest on the couch. The recreational pillar reminds you that you must get out there now and then and experience life. It also means doing something enjoyable in the comfort of home, like tinkering on the car or getting out the glue gun for some creativity and crafting.

How can I achieve Recreational Wellness?

  • Go watch your favourite team play a sport
  • Join friends and family for a meal
  • Watch a band perform
  • Engage in one of your favourite activities
  • Head to the beach
  • Go for a long drive somewhere new – Make it an Adventure!
  • Rollercoasters, Mini Golf, Rock Climbing – There are so many things to do!
  • Your Favourite Hobbies – Get into it and enjoy yourself!
  • Come visit our Wellness Studio for an Infrared Sauna Massage in Cockburn, Perth.


Self-Care Techniques for Social Health


Regardless if you are an introvert or an extrovert, having a social outlet is vital to maintain wellness. When was the last time you socialised with your closest friends and family? Making social connections and developing healthy relationships is an essential contributor to living a happy life.

How can I achieve Spiritual Wellness?

  • Connect with Family and Friends
  • Call or Write to an Old Relative
  • Volunteer at a retirement home and lend an ear and a hand
  • Social Media – But make sure you set limits and boundaries
  • Attend a Support Group
  • Show Gratitude to another person who deserves it
  • Host a dinner party
  • Set Boundaries and Minimise Drama
  • Be Kind and Supportive to Others
  • Be Kind and Supportive to Yourself
  • Visit BodySpace Recovery Studio for a Body Rolling Session or try out our NormaTec Recovery Compression Boots with a friend.

There are many ways you can enhance your wellness through self-care. At BodySpace, our business is wellness, and we aim to please you. Our therapeutic services fulfil the needs of all 7 pillars – no joke! Book a Session at our Cockburn, Perth wellness studio and get your self-care needs met this festive season. Refill that wellness cup, and experience life the way it was meant to be lived.

And don’t forget your close friends and family! Our wellness packages are the perfect way to show love this Festive Season.