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Blast Cellulite with Infrared Wood Roller Machine Perth

Blast Cellulite with Infrared Wood Roller Machine Perth

The BodyRoll wood therapy roller is an effective cellulite treatment for anyone looking to sculpt and contour their body. A wellness machine that utilises the newest technology for massaging and shaping the body, our BodyROLL roller machines have many benefits. This post will focus on the body sculpting benefits of our Body Roller Massager to nuke cellulite and get in shape fast!

Cellulite Wood Therapy

The idea is to use the shape of the wood to break up cellulite and compacted fat (also known as “fat-blasting”). The oscillating, rolling movement breaks down packed fat cells and helps move them into the lymphatics. The unique shape of the rollers gets into any dimply skin or tissue. Then, through lymphatic drainage, they move to the lymph nodes, draining through your system before they’re excreted (in the form of sweat, pee, or any excretion through your body). And because it helps stretch and elongate the skin tissue simultaneously, it helps make your skin appear smoother.

Benefits of Wood Roller Therapy

  • loosening up tight tissue (even scar tissue)
  • increasing lymphatic circulation
  • reducing wrinkles
  • reduce stress
  • relieve aching muscles
  • relaxation

And that’s before we even talk about Infrared and Colour Therapy!

The infrared kicks this therapy into overdrive. In 2005 a study took place on “Cellulite treatment using a novel combination radiofrequency, infrared light, and mechanical tissue manipulation device”. In it, they concluded that cellulite had the potential to be significantly and safely reduced through a combination of the following:

  • bipolar radio frequency
  • infrared light
  • mechanical massage


The Body ROLL and Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Similarly, the Body Roller allows the user to experience an effective lymphatic drainage massage through therapeutic mechanical wood rolling. The roller machine gives users access to infrared light technology and red-light therapy. This combination helps minimise the appearance of cellulite in stubborn areas of the body.

With the toxins we are exposed to daily, either through the skin, air or in our food, having access to a modality for lymphatic drainage is key to maintaining a healthy life. Now you can massage away all those nasties, including the appearance of cellulite.

Book a wellness and recovery session now if you’re curious and want to see your results. You’ll be in good hands, and we’ll show you how to use the machines step by step. You’ll leave feeling better than when you arrived. If you have any questions concerning your Body Rolling session, by all means, check out the Body Roll Massage FAQ. We give you the rundown on what to expect at your Body Rolling session.

Looking forward to welcoming you to our Perth home wellness studio.