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What is Body ROLL?

What is Body ROLL?

Body Roll is a highly innovative body roller massage machine that features several benefits from its use. From reducing the appearance of cellulite to providing pain relief and muscular recovery post-workout, the Body Roll is also gaining popularity for its ability to give users a detoxifying lymphatic massage.

Benefits of the Body Roll Massager

• Relieve muscle tension
• Tone muscles
• Break down cellulite
• Reduce inflammation
• Blood and lymph circulation
• Lymphatic drainage
• Metabolic increase
• Reduce fat tissue
• Detoxification
• Reduces the volume of targeted body areas
• Shapes your body
• Firms your skin
• Reduces muscle tightness
• Burns fat and calories
• Improved sleep
• Relaxation
• Relief from sore muscles and joint pain
• Clearer, tighter skin


The Body roll massager is a versatile piece of equipment to improve flexibility and mobility. The unique design allows users to target specific muscles and move along them quickly, relieving pain and improving circulation.


Wood Roller Therapy as a Wellness Technology

Much like foam rollers and handheld wooden body rollers, the body receives a strategically pressured roll that can go deep into the muscle tissue, enhancing blood circulation and easing muscular tension as it spins.


Infrared Technology

Another feature of the Body Roll which makes this massage even more compelling is the infrared light technology it houses within the drum rollers. The dry heat assists the massage process and raises your core temperature, simultaneously burning additional calories.


And the colour-therapy lights help lift your mood and reduce stress to an energetic level (helps balance chakras).

The Body ROLL Session

Clients can book a Body roll session with 30, 45 or 60-minute time slots available. In this timeframe, 15 different poses are performed. All you have to do is copy the position shown on the touch-screen display. Dependent on the total session time you have booked, you will have 2, 3 or 4 minutes per position to enjoy. You can also customise the rate at which the rollers spin. Beginners usually like a slower pace for their first session. As you get more comfortable with using the Body Roll massager, the speed of the rollers can be increased with ease.

The overall result is a highly-effective way to get yourself looking good and feeling great! If you have any further queries regarding the Body Roll check out the Body Roller FAQ.